Social Media
10 ways Social Media sites to Provide Great Customer Service
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Social Media Customer Service, as the name suggests is to use online platform and give customer service and support. In digitally connected era, social media is widely used by millions of people and they expect businesses to have their social media handles where they can connect with them for services rather than sending email. Various studies by reputed analytics company suggest that more than 50% customers prefer that social media in an effective form of communication with brands. Social... READ MORE

Business Automation
How E-commerce is changing the buying behavior of Indian customers
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Internet provides a platform for the humankind to access data over the internet, communicate with each other and get entertainment. Online marketplace is the most engaged activity for people online. The current growth of online marketplace and the consumer’s increasing interest in shopping over e-commerce sites have significantly changed the face of Indian retail market. Nowadays customers are more inclined towards shopping online due to technological advancements and benefits of online... READ MORE

Search Engine Marketing
How can future search affect your business?
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Future search should be used when commitment and ideas need to be shared amongst all the stake holders of the organization. Involvement of all the associates brings new ideas and give rise to energy for taking measures. It involves a large group of stake holders who have been chosen as they belong to different backgrounds and ideals working towards the same goal. People from various demographics have the potential of sharing diverse ideas and information which will together form a broad... READ MORE