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Product Vision

Big India Group offers indoor and outdoor advertising along with digital marketing service to get your trade and business recognized and reach it out to the maximum audience.

Designing Services

Design Visual Identity

Design Marketing Materials

Digital Designing

Design Methodology and Planning

Our Client and their challenge

What is Big India Group?

Big India Group is a firm that publicizes your business with their innovative services like indoor advertising, outdoor advertising, and digital marketing. The business grows well when it is publicized well in the correct audience. Big India Group helps to make your business visually available to the maximum audience.

About Big India Group

Big India Publication was established in the year 1964 and is a renowned firm providing services in advertising and publication for the past 55 years. Initially a publication house, Big India diversified in outdoor publicity in the year 1991, and since then has been a leading outdoor media company in Pune including Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. It has a strong coverage in over 50 markets across Pune and PCMC, along with some of the renowned and biggest industrialist in the city. The products included in their services are outdoor hoardings, sodium light pole branding popularly known as Kiosk, gantries, digital bulletins, subways, great separators, mall branding and multiple branding both indoor and outdoor banner standees along with the complete indoor and outdoor printing solutions..

Being across complete PCMC and Pune, their diverse portfolios include more than 1000 hoarding displays, that are strategically placed in the most prime locations with the busy streets.

Client Challenges

Being a five decades old company, Big India group was following the traditional ways of business that were not proving to be as successful as earlier and thus eventually impacting on the client base of the company. The advancements in the field of technology were overpowering these traditional methods of business making them less effective.

Being a labor-intensive industry, it demanded huge man-power which made it difficult to handle the management process

Billing system was not automated making it tough to manage records

Clients coordination was getting difficult to achieve

Many time-consuming processes were involved that needed to be automated

"Our major challenge was to transform their traditional way of business into the one that goes along with the advanced technologies"

future ready and still relevant in the existing market."

Business segments we worked in!

Digital Marketing / Business IT automation

We helped our client in the following segment:

Building strategies as per the perception of the time, improvising the management sector through automation, exceed the client coordination and boosting the work efficiency

For Marketing Strategy Development

Digital Marketing

Brand Development

Strategizing as per market demands

Concept Development and testing

Business Automation

Portal Development

ERP for Billing

ERP for location finder

ERP for designing

Marketing Challenges

With the rapid changes in the advertising industry and many other new competitors in the field, it was getting difficult to completely coordinate with the clients. Maintaining the old clients along with acquiring the new ones was another obstacle since the existing clients were expecting adaption of new techniques by the company, whereas the new ones were looking for the company that is technologically well-equipped. The company, therefore, faced the problem of client coordination

Aquasation of the new clients was another obstacle faced by the firm

Client’s insights on their requirements

Brand Development


Customer requirement



Market Research

To strategize the better solution we dug the market situation thoroughly

We analyzed the background and overview of the company

We compared different scenarios and possibilities in order to analyze the outcome of every possible combination of strategies

We started finding the segments of the business that reflect the greater scope of improvement

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Increased visibility of a website

Attracted more customers

Achieved better conversion rates

SEO Audit

Paid search

Google Advertising

To help Big India Group find the perfect location for their hoardings we helped them with location finder ERP, it helped the company to detect the locations with heavy traffic and most crowded areas in order to use the results for advertisings strategies

Social Media Management

Attract new clients :

In order to efficiently manage the old clients along with acquiring the new ones we increased the brand awareness with meaningful content and focused on brand development through reliable social channels

Managed the online reputation:

To identify the newer opportunities we acquired the trust of their customers by allowing the quick resolution of the customer query

Improving ROI:

There is no brand on social media that is not interested in the increased return on investment. But on the social platform, the aim is restricted to performing a thorough audit of our channels and ensuring the cost of labor and advertisement.

Better strategies in the industry:

We focused on achieving the strategies that are new in the market and far more effective. This helped the firm to achieve the desired result without consumption of time

Technical and Operational Challenges

Re-defining the techniques and processes for fine growth of the firm

The portal they had was not well-responsive and had no proper presentation of the firm

It had manual billing, making it difficult to have quick access to the crucial data

No solution for customer data management

Processing of large data volumes in real time

Great investment in manpower but less on technological sources

E-commerce Portal

Highly interactive and customized portal

User- friendly

Extremely Informative

Technologically upgraded

Technical Solution

E-Commerce Portal incorporated with technologically advanced insight tools

Insight and Analysis tool

Social Media Insight

Marketing Insight

Billing ERP

Content Management System

Technology used

We used Linux server



Additional Technology




Bootstrap Framework

Billing Management System

Dashboard Important Activities

View the latest activities

Easy access to the features

Track clients

Track bookings

Monitor the ongoing activities

Create Estimates

Creation of professional estimation

Converting estimates into invoice within a single click

Make PDF of the estimates

A quick search of the estimates

Email estimate directly to your client

Invoice and recurring billing

Create professional invoices

A quick search for a specific record

View the status of the invoice and its outstanding balance

Save or email as PDF

Functionalities Dashboard








Till date

Information about the recent visitors

Details of the inquiries received

Details of the visitors

The number of customers present

The details of the locations present

Number of employees working currently

Functionalities Hoarding








Till date

The display image of the hoarding

The URN of the related hoarding

Details of the size of the hoarding

The location at which it is present

Its detailed address

Status on its availability

The client name holding it

Details about the current display

Functionalities Orders








Till date

Details about the number of orders

The customer ID holding it

The details of the URN code of the hoardings

From and to details of the dates

Also displays the duration of the time

Details about the total amount paid

Details about the paid amount

Displays the balance amount

Its media images

Receipt of its purchase order

Its invoice copy is also attached

Also its billing copy

Functionalities Location








Till date

Admin can add the new location if they wish to

Displays the list of locations

Their ID’s are mentioned

Can update their status

The admin can directly search the particular location too

It displays the ids of the locations

Admin can perform the actions as and when required

Functionalities Inquiries








Till date

Displays the list of inquiries

With the detailed date and times

The e-mail id of the person who inquired is also received

The contact details of the person

URN’s of the hoardings

Option of the action is also provided

Can search for the particular inquiry

Functionalities Booking








Till date

This enables the addition of the new booking

That hold the URN number of the booking

The name of the client

Key Results

Great market exposure

Better Management

Growth in the new client acquisition

Acquired the loyal customers

Effective cost-reductionn

The customized data solution resulted in the reduction of the operational costs

The solution contributed to increasing the performance of the system

Real-time inventory enhanced the transparency into the system

Working Together

The team members have been constantly interacting with each other through Skype, emails, and phone. The operational team is also part of management meetings in order to align the needs of our clients and implement them in a better way. This ensures that the team has a clear understanding of the requirements of the users.

Managing Product Complexity

Increased customers led to increasing the number of products. It was necessary to deliver a well-coded and thoroughly tested solution to the clients with all of their requirements before the given deadline.

By constantly working, together generated the entire framework of the product on the latest framework to make it more user-friendly and browser independent. The reliability of the product increased by the shifting of manual testing to the automation testing. Addition of new features made the product robust and comprehensive.