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Chik-meat Agro Industries

Product Vision

Chikmeat is aiming to make life simple and tastier by providing by hygienic and freshly cut at the door step.They are working to organize highly unorganized sector with the help of technology.

Designing Services

Design Methodology & Planning

Brand Identity Design

Packaging Designing

Digital Designing

Visual Merchandising

Retail & Environmental Design

Our Client and their challenge

What is Chikmeat?

A Unique concept woven around your need to have Fresh, Hygienic Chicken or Mutton home delivered, whenever & wherever you want it, with a standard of hygiene, no road side butcher can deliver. Cooking a meal for your family has become so easy with just a press of a button. You can order online and get fresh meat delivered at your doorstep. Chik-Meat will eliminate all your hassles and provide you with delicious food in no time

About Chikmeat?

Chik-Meat Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. is founded by a bunch of food lovers with the belief to deliver fresh and hygienic meat to your doorstep. They maintain a high-quality standard that no roadside butcher can provide. The quality and freshness of their products meet all the nutritional requirements. They have a dedicated team who will serve you in the most prompt and professional manner

They always encourage healthy chokes and clean eating. All the products offered to provide the best quality assurance and are packed in the most hygienic conditions. Your satisfaction with their products and services is their foremost concern. They ensure a quick delivery and dedicated to fulfilling promise. Now you can cook your favorite dishes at home and enjoy them with your loved ones after a long tiring day

Client Challenges

Being a startup firm, Chikmeat faced some obvious hurdles, but its problems raised when apart from doing whatever it takes it could not overcome the obstacles. The skilled team of the firm was trying out the new strategies but the results they faced were not what they had expected

Meat production in India is estimated at 6.3 million tonnes, fifth largest in the world. r Although the market is on growth scale, there is still very less penetration in terms of buying meats online and from organized source. r The Organized online meat market currently faces the following challenges.

Lack of awareness about

The existence of Online Platform for healthy and Hygiene

The Benefits of process driven poultry meats vs road side unorganized unhealthy meats

It is expensive than unhygienic and unorganized road side vendors

"Our biggest challenge was to Implement a solution that will keep it

future ready and still relevant in the existing market."

Business Areas Where We Worked!

Marketing Consultancy | Business Automation

We helped our client in 4 areas: strategydesign based on consumer insight,brand building & management and implementing automation and market efficiency

For Marketing Strategy Development

Opportunity Identification

Consumer Insight in new online Market

Concept Development & testing

Brand Development

Digital Marketing

Business Automation

E-commerce Portal Development

Sales CRM

Billing & Invoicing ERP

Delivery Application

Marketing Challenges

Chikmeat at the beginning was just a brand of mouth and word. The only publicity it received was from friends and family. Even though its perks were countless and the response received from the clients was positive, Chikmeat faced the problem of reaching out to the potential audience. The firm had very least source to reach out and let the people know about them which in turn started affecting the company revenue. The firm faced further consequences when they failed to target the correct audience. Even though all reliable and fancy brand the Chikmeat is, it was failing to attract customers and every attempt was leading to a dead end.

Reaching to the right Clientele

Consumer Insight to online ordering of meat product

Consumer's acceptability to online ordering of meat product

Brand Development




Customer Engagement


Co-Creating Brand with Consumers

To Understand these challenges better we interacted with Consumers & Influencers

Home Makers

Health & Fitness Enthusiasts

Working Professionals

Nutritionist and dieticians

Through a series of Qualitative One on One interactions, Group Discussion and Quantitative customer interaction. Our Brand Building team could unearth a strong insight that resonated with the target audience of the brand

The insight was that People need to start choosing their food knowledgeability

Latching to this insight, Our Brand building team created the single idea that would define the brand.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Conversion rate optimization

API Integration

Google Advertising

Multi-lingual search Marketing

Paid Search

SE0 Audit

To help understand their website activity, we used the traffic monitoring tool Hitwise to create personas from the different demographics visiting the site. With additional data taken from Google Analytics, we provided insights into what groups make up the traffic, what they are buying and how they are engaging and converting

Likes: 15000+ (Organic in 4 months)

Followers: 9000+ (Organic in 4 Months)

Average Monthly Creative Post Share: 30

Average Reach of Post: 15000+

Average Reviews: 4 Star

Average Tweets Per month: 60

Average Following per Month: 500

Average Follower per month: 2000

Average Reach of Post: 15000+

Average Likes per month: 1500+

Average Pins per month: 100+

Average Following per month: 500+

Average Followers per month: 1000+

Followers: 3000+ (Organic in 4 Months)

Average Monthly Creative Post Share: 30

Average Reach of Post: 5000+

"Our biggest challenge was to Implement a solution that will keep it

future ready and still relevant in the existing market."

Social Media Management

Social Media Goals we are considering

Increasing brand awareness

To create authentic and lasting brand awareness, we avoid a slew of promotional messages. Instead, we focus on meaningful content and a strong brand personality through your social channels

Higher quality of sales

Digging through our social channels is nearly impossible without monitoring or listening to specific keywords,phones or hashtags. Through more efficient social media targeting,we reach our clients' core audience much faster.

Improving ROI:

There's not a brand on social media that doesn't want to increase its return on investment. But on social, this goal is specific to performing a thorough audit of Our channels and ensuring cost of labor, advertisements and design stay on track

Create a loyal fan base:

We always eager to fetch out information that does our brand promote user-generated content? Do our followers react positively without any initiation? Getting to this point takes time and effort with creating a positive brand persona on social.

Better pulse on the industry

We always take care of What are our competitors doing that seems to be working? What strategies are they using to drive engagement or sales? Having a pulse on the industry could simply help us to improve our efforts and take some tips from those doing well.

Technical & Operational Challenges

Re-engineering the product itself to scale for a very high growth

Only a Static site they had. Online order would not hove been possible without E-Commerce Portal

Na solution for PrOCel$ monitoring the process

No solution for sales monitoring

Manual billing & Invoicing was taking place was not appropriate for online COMANYterS Lack of solution far customer data management Minimal Investment on Resources Quickest possible turnaround time Process Monitoring Supply chain management Processing large data volumes in real time Utilizing customer segmentation data for improved ad targeting

Platform limitations on data crunching speeds prevented real time inventory forecasting. This led to unutilized inventory and low ad serving fill rates. which caused significant revenue losses.

Technical Solution

E-Commerce Portal integrated with ultra-modern insight tools

Insight and analysis tools

Sales Insight

Marketing Insight

Social Media Insight

Invoice & Billing System

Inventory ERP

Content management system

Delivery Application

API Integration

Social media API

Shipping API

Feature Details of Portal

An Interactive & highly Personalized Portal

Densely Informative

User Friendly

Matching Universal Standard

User can generate content through blogs

Product Review

Social Technology used

Technology Used


We run all Chikmeat's software on Linux


MySQL, MySQL Percona

Additional Technology


CSS3 (LESS CSS pre-processor)

jQuery (primary JavaScript library) Require JS

JS Knockout.js (simplifies JavaScript Uls with the Model-View-View Model pattern)

Third-party libraries (Zend Framework 1, Zend Framework 2, Symfony)


Sales Tracking & Growth Graph








Till Date

Sales — Revenue Analysis

Top Orders

Top Selling Products

Top Viewed Products

Tax Calculation

Dashboard to Showcase all important insights

Details of Sales Listing

Details of Customers

Best seller Details

Product wise sales details

Orders Details

Credit Memo

Re-occurring Profile Study

Billing Agreement

Auto Email Sales confirmation

Data Export/Download


Sales Tracking & Growth Graph

Dashboard to order monitoring

Details of all individuals who places order

Time scheduling for order processing

Auto confirmation of Order to customer via SMS & E-mail

Order status

Group creation for ordering customer for future reference

Label Printing on Orders

Direct Email Sending

Re-ordering via Dashboard

Generating credit memo and sending via Email & SMS

Notes addition to order

Shipping Charges customization

Labelling on orders

Data Export/Download s

This system is integrated to Mobile Application of Delivery Executive

Real time Delivery status

Receiving digital acknowledgement system is embedded through Delivery application

Tracking of Delivery Executive through GS system is embedded through Delivery application

Dashboard Important Activities

See the latest activities

Access the most common features

Create invoices and estimates

Track overdue invoices

Add clients and expenses

Monitor the latest expenses

Click on the item to see its details


Create professionally looking estimates

Convert estimates to invoices with one click

Save estimates as PDF

Search for estimates quickly

Email estimates directly to your client


Create professionally looking invoices

Select multiple products to add all at once

Search quickly for a specific invoice

View an invoice’s status and its outstanding balance

Save or email as PDF


Stay on top of your cash flow situation

Review your cash flow report Monthly or Daily

Include draft or overdue invoices in reports

Adjust payment’s due dates

Check cash flow forecast for a specific time


Expanded Market

Better Product

Top Management could focus exclusively on business growth

functions like the core team

650% growth in new client acquisition

Very less Inter Vision of manual work

Operations & Delivery process became very smooth

Trust with users


Effective use of the custom Data solution lowered operational costs by 75%

The solution improved the performance of the system 5x times OPTIMIZATION OF REVENUE REALIZATION

Real time inventory reports brought transparency into the system

Optimized inventory utilization in serving the maximum number of ads

Working Together

Team members interact with each other on a regular basis via Skype, Webex, emails and phone. Besides, the operations team is also part of chikmeat's daily Executive Management Meetings, where goals are set in alignment with the prevalent customer demands. This ensures that the team has a clear understanding of the requirements of the end users

Team members also interact directly with the implementation team of chikmeat. This saves time spent in creating detailed product specifications

Managing Product Complexity

With the growing number of customers, the number of product enhancements also increased. It was important to deliver a well-coded, thoroughly tested product to client with their requirea set of features within the given deadline. With the help of the continuous working together we createa the entire framework of the product on latest framework and to make it more agile, scalable and browser independent. The shift from manual testing to automated testing made the product more reliable. With the help of knowledge brought in by the both the team, many host of new features were added to make the product robust and comprehensive