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Product Vision

Global Educates helps the young aspirants to frame their career in the most efficient way by guiding the candidates with their career queries and helping them to find the well-suited schools and colleges in and outside of India.

Designing Services

Logo Design

Brand Identity Design

Digital Designing

Our Client and their challenge

What is Global Educates ?

Global Educates excels in offering the most comprehensive solutions to the students who are in search of best schools and college and help them to reach the summit. The students connected to Global Educates can access the portal to get all the thorough information about the schools, colleges and educational institutes in India and also overseas.

About Global Educates ?

Global Educates serves as a single solution for that every individual who aims to get admitted to the best schools and colleges and are seeking for the reliable source to guide. Students connected to Global Educates receive a lot of schools and colleges options and proper guidance for the complete process.

Global Educates takes up the responsibility to provide the students with the complete information regarding the admission process that includes the fee structure, amenities provided by the school, rules, and regulations, and details regarding the accommodation.

It also conducts the pre-admission and pre-departure briefings with the students applying to the foreign universities.

Client Challenges

Despite its unique concept, Global Educates was not able to reach the maximum potential audience. A portal that helps the students reach their destinations needed to reach as many people as possible. It faced the challenge of publicizing the brand in an efficient way. Global Educates needed to search out the ways to spread the awareness regarding it.

Being a firm that involves a lot of national and international activities, they had no steady strategy to manage everything in the way it should be. Global Educates needed an aligned management process that would drop every step in a systematic manner.

Unawareness of the brand

Even though the present clients were satisfied with the exceptional services, Global Educates found it difficult to acquire the trust of new students and making people aware of it.

"Our biggest challenge was to Implement a solution that will keep it future ready and still relevant in the existing market.

Business Areas Where We Worked !

Focused on the following sectors :

Framed the site through the user insight

Maintained a competitive record

Development of the user-friendly portal

Marketing strategies

Digital Marketing

Identification of the opportunity

Business Automation

Portal Development

Product Management

Upgradation of the enhanced features

Marketing Challenges

For Global Educates, it was getting difficult to create its strong online presence. Its biggest hurdle was to get noticed in an impressive way. Its brand value was getting highly impacted due to the unorganized presentation strategies.

Reaching the potentials

Found out the client insight

Clients acceptability

Brand Development




Designed the solutions from the client's point of view. To find out the loopholes and understand the pitfalls we interacted with the clients and found out what were the problems they faced and what were their expectations.

With the immense market research, we dug into the depth of the market demands.

We thoroughly analyzed the background and overview of the firm

We started seeking out the segments that would reflect the scope of improvement

With a lot of series of one-on-one and group discussions, we try to analyze every point in detail and from different angle of views.

Rooting for this insight we built a strategy that would completely justify the concept of Global Educates.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Google Advertising

SEO Audit

Increased the visibility of the website

Multi-Lingual Search Market

Likes: 10000+ (Organic in 4 months)

Followers: 4000+ (Organic in 4 Months)

Average Monthly Creative Post Share: 25

Average Reach of Post: 16000+

Average Reviews: 4 Star

Average Tweets Per month: 60

Average Following per Month: 250

Average Follower per month: 900

Average Likes per month: 1000+

Average Pins per month: 110+

Average Following per month: 350+

Average Followers per month: 1000+

Followers: 2000+ (Organic in 4 Months)

Average Monthly Creative Post Share: 25

Average Reach of Post: 4000+

"Our biggest challenge was to Implement a solution that will keep it future ready and still relevant in the existing market."

Social Media Management
Social Media Goals we are considering
Attract maximum new people:

We majorly focused on balancing the new client acquisition and being a great service provider to the existing clients. We achieved this by thriving the brand awareness with engaging content and focused on brand development through the trustworthy social channels

Better strategies as per the Industry Norms:

We focused on achieving the strategies that are new in the market and far more effective. This helped the firm to achieve the desired result without consumption of time.

Managed Online Reputation:

To make an impression on the clients and acquire the trust, we permitted the quick resolution of the customer query.

Technical & Operational Challenges

Re-defining the techniques and processes for fine growth of the firm. The existing portal of the firm lacked smooth responsiveness and unmanaged representation.

E-commerce Portal

Highly interactive and customized portal

User- friendly

Extremely Informative

Technologically upgraded

Technical Solution

Portal developed with integrated technology and advanced insight tools.

Insight and analysis tools

Sales Insight

Social Media Insight

Feature Details of Portal

An Interactive & highly Personalized Portal

Densely Informative

User Friendly

Matching Universal Standard

User can generate content through blogs

Technology Used


Programming language



CSS3 (LESS CSS pre-processor)

jQuery (primary JavaScript library) Require JS





A well-versed 10 step core process

A well-organized process that includes the following steps -


Students get registered in the first step providing their basic information

Profile creation

Students are asked here to create their profile detailing about their fields of interest, aspirations, specifics about the career of their choice

Profile evaluation by Mentors

Profile of an individual is analyzed attentively

Alignment of the needs are cross-checked in a systematic manner

Discussion with experts

Once the profile is evaluated, it is discussed with the experts of the concerned field.

Experts here decide the various options available for the relative candidate.

Documents Preparation

Students are asked to gather the expected certificates, result sheets, and all the legal documents required to submit for their application process.

Application wind-up

Students are accompanied by our complete assistance in the application process.

They are guided by the information about the potential places to apply, admission forms, likely options and best chances.

College Selection

Students are thoroughly informed about the best institutions.

The institute is selected after the detailed analysis of every aspect.

The decision is combinedly taken with the student's consent and the advice of management.

Scholarship/ Funding options

With the thorough research and cross- checks we bring out the most relevant and suitable scholarship and funding options to help the candidates finance their education through a trustworthy source and reliable way.


Pre School

Easy search option is available of the schools within the diameter of 2 km

Easy Search by the name of the school

Options for schools present in multiple locations

Availability of the query form


Displays school options on a huge scale with their information and ratings

Option to search the school you desire

Availability of the query form


Direct Email Sending

You can opt for the direct search through the search bar provided

You are also provided with the option to choose from the present list of colleges

The “sort by” option is also provided to save your time, and permits you to sort the colleges based on either the ratings or alphabets

Query form is also available

Study Abroad

Students get the complete outlook on the availability of different locations

We cater to the students for the admissions in three continents that includes Asia, Europe, America, and Oceania.

Study In Asia

The list of the countries is displayed where a candidate can apply for through Global Educates in Asia.

In order to provide a short synopsis, meta description about the continent is provided.

Viewers can find the summarised important facts regarding Asia.

Students are informed about the good reasons to study in Asia.

One can also find the list of major colleges and best universities

Study In Europe

An individual will find the list of countries they can apply for admission in, through Global Educates.

People unaware of the general information about the continent has the meta description to know about it.

You can find here the important facts about the continent

List of good reasons is summarised as why one should opt for Europe.

 One can find the best colleges and universities in this continent from the list given.

Study In America

People who wish to study in America can find the list of countries they can get admission into, through Global Educates

One can read about the continent in the Meta description

Individuals are provided with the important facts for the information purpose

You are given the good reason about why one should opt for America

Below the reasons, you can easily find the list of the major colleges and universities present in America.

Study In Oceania

One can see the available countries one can opt for to study in Oceania

You will get the complete idea about it in the meta description provided

Important facts are provided regarding the region

You see the reasons given to consider studying here

And finally a list of major colleges and universities


Sign In/Login

For all those who wish to sign in or log in must click the button given

This click will direct you to the form, where the enquirer must fill the complete form details.

For those that already have an account, an alternate form is provided, where they need to fill in the credentials.


One can read the informative blogs provided by the firm

These will help you to make the focused decision


In order to keep our viewers up to date on news, we post the latest news regarding education on our blog

This helps an individual to learn about the current affairs in the field


All the latest posts are updated on the events section for the information purpose only

Key Results

Great market exposure

Better Management

Enhanced Solution

Working Together

With the consistent communication amongst the team members through various communication modes. The operation team also participated in the management meetings in order to ensure the exact requirements of the end users.

Managing Complexity

Increased customers led to increasing the number of products. It was necessary to deliver a well-coded and thoroughly tested solution to the clients with all of their requirements before the given deadline.

By constantly working, together generated the entire framework of the product on the latest framework to make it more user-friendly and browser independent. The reliability of the product increased by the shifting of manual testing to the automation testing. Addition of new features made the product robust and comprehensive.

A Successful Solution

Our solution was successfully able to receive all the expected results. The company experienced the ease in monitoring the processes. The work process of the firm is smoother and more transparent now.