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Product Vision

Advait 9 deals with the science of astrology that has been practiced for centuries by Rushi munis. It helps the individuals by solving their problems related finance, health, social and political hurdles with expert suggestion and easy remedies.

Designing Services

Packaging designing

Brand Identity design

Digital Design

Retail designing

Our Client and their challenge

What is Advait Divya Gyaan Kendra?

Advait 9 is a center that practices humanitarian services with the help of astrology and horoscope. The center guides the individual in their life path and solves their complex issues and obstacles. For the betterment of the society, Advait Nine provides a lot of products that includes gemstones, essence stick, yantra and spiritual lockets. The center is established in 1981 and has been serving the society since then

About Advait Divya Gyaan Kendra

Advait 9 is the name that does not need any kind of introduction. Providing services since 1981 and founded by Shri Shri Acharya R.H. Soni Ji Maharaj, it is inspired by astrology and truthful resolutions. Advait 9 has the horoscope experts that have been advising many renowned personalities including actors, cricketers, businessman and the common man.The services provided by them is not just restricted to India but are also available in many foreign countries

Advait 9 solves the problem of the individuals related to finances, mental health, family problems, social and political hurdles and health, these problems are handled with his expert suggestion and simple remedies. The remedies provided by Advait 9 are all related to our religion and have been practiced by our Rushi Munis from ancient times and includes Yantra- Mantra, Dan-Dakshina, Ratna-Rudraksha, Hom-Havans, Jap-Tap, etc. There are around 1 lakh followers who have benefitted from its expert's advice.

Client Challenges

Being around a four-decade-old center, Advait 9 was following the traditional ways of management that were not going well along with the time and technology. Therefore, the firm started facing the problem of reaching out to the audience in an efficient way, which in turn started affecting their substructure. Another challenge it faced was the problem of delivering the items they provided.

Advait 9 produces numerous products in the very varied range and keeping their track was another obstacle

Tracking and management of the deliveries were not aligned.

Lack of awareness

Although the present clients were happy with the suggestions and remedies of it, there was this whole the other crowd of people that were unaware of their services

All products were not known by the people

“Our motto was to provide Advait 9 with the solutions that will manage their clientele efficiently and align their delivery management system ”

Business Areas Where We Worked!

Business IT automation/ Marketing Consultancy

We helped our client in the following sectors:

Implementing automation in their work process

Clients management

Strategized the design as desired by the consumers

Maintained a competitive record

Strategy evolved for marketing

Rapid scaling up to meet the market demand

Digital marketing

Conceptualization and development as per the consumer insights

Opportunity identification

Business Automation

Delivery application

Portal Development

Inventory Management

Product Management

Marketing Challenges

Even though all the reliable brand Advait Nine was, it was catering well the old customers but the acquisition of the new customers was a huge hurdle. It was necessary to publicize it and make it reach to maximum audience. With the increased in the number of the clients, raised the complexity of managing them and having a secured database of all the activities going on. All these obstacles were impacting the client base of the company. Presenting the firm properly to the new and gaining problem loyalty was the problem that needed to be solved for the growth of the center.

Reaching the right Clientele

Consumer point of view to order online astrological products

Consumers acceptability to online ordering of the products

Brand Development



Customer Engagement

The solution

Market Research

Designed the solutions as per consumer insights In order to understand the problems faced by the customers we interacted with them and try to find out the way to cope with the problems

People involved in the delivery process were asked about what problems they faced.

We held a series of conversations with our team members, discussed in groups and made customer interactions. After comparing various scenarios, our brand development team found a strong insight that increased the possibility of the target achieving

Rooting for this insight we built a strategy that would define the brand completely and fully

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Google advertising

SEO Audit

Paid Research

Multi-Lingual Search Marketing

Likes: 5000+ (organic in 2 months)

Followers: 7000+(organic in 3 months)

Average monthly Creative posts share: 20

Average reach of the post: 7000+

Average Reviews: 3.5 star

Average tweets per month: 45

Average Following Per Month: 350

Average Followers Per Month: 1200

Average Likes Per Month: 1200+

Average Pins Per Month: 75+

Average Following Per Month: 300+

Average Followers per Month: 5000+

Followers: 1000+(organic in 3 months)

Average Monthly Creative Post Monthly: 25

Average Reach of the post: 2000+

Social Media Management

Social Media Goals we are considering

Grow the awareness of Brand: To create better brand awareness and a lasting impression, we avoided the stereotypical promotional messages and instead we focused on meaningful content and presented the brand strongly through the social media channels.

Improvised the quality of sale:

Covering all the social media channels is not possible. Therefore we started monitoring the particular keywords, hashtags, and phrases. With the best social media strategies, we reached the audience of our client efficiently.

Attentive research of the industry:

Our team is always upgraded when it comes to the new trends in the market. We make a thorough research on the things that work well in the market and make sure we practice them to benefit our clients from it. We focus on the things that will drive great audience engagement and even greater sales.

Acquisition of new clients:

We are always eager to fetch the information that will result in the brand promotion. We even take notice of the reactions of our clients. With the help of these points, we create a positive brand persona on social.

Technical & Operational Challenges

Re-designed the product to achieve the growth

Online orders needed an e-commerce portals

Had no solutions to monitor the process

Had no solutions for the process monitoring

Customer data management needed a solution

Product Management needed a solution

Supply Chain Management

Use of the customer segmented data to improve the ad targeting

Processing the large data volumes in the real times

The restrictions of the platforms on crunching of the data speeds prevented the real-time inventory and low ad serving fill rates, that led to significant revenue loses

Technical Solution

E-Commerce Portal Integrated with upgraded and advanced tools

Insight and Analysis tools

Sales Insight

Marketing Insight

Social Media Insight

Delivery Application

Sales Management Tools

Customer management

Inventory ERP

Feature Details of Portal

Extremely customized portal

Thickly Instructional

Highly User-Friendly

Matching universal standard

Social technology used

Product Review

Technology Used


Dedicated Server



Additional Technology



Sales Dashboard Functionalities

Sales Revenue Analysis

Bestselling Products

Top Viewed Products

Orders Detail

Credit Memo

Sales total


Sales tax total

Refundable items

Canceled Items


Billing Agreement

Auto Email Sales Confirmation

Product Management System Functionalities

Dashboard to monitor the products

Details of all the products

Details of the product price

The quantity of the product

Visibility of the product


Enhanced Solution

Expanded Market

Minimum Intervision of the manual work

500% growth in the new client acquisition

Better growth

Efficiently managed sales track

ell-secured data of the sales

Well-managed delivery system

The solution improved the performance of the systems 5 times

Optimized Inventory utilization in serving the maximum ads

Working Together

Our team members interact frequently through, Skype, Webex, emails, and phone. Also, the operating team is the part of daily management meetings. Aligned goals are set with the prevalent customer demand. This makes sure that the team has a clear understanding of the requirements of the end users.

Team members interact with directly with the implementation team. This saves the time that could be spent in making the detailed product specifications

Managing Product Complexity

Increased customers also led to the increment in the product enhancements. It was important to deliver a well-coded, thoroughly tested product to the client including all the features they had asked for.

With the constant hard work, we created the entire framework of the product. And to make it more efficient we worked on the latest framework.

A successful Solution

We delivered Advait 9 a proficient solution that resolved all the problems they were facing. We successfully contributed to the growth of the center.